Kylie Ayn Yockey

Kylie Ayn Yockey is a queer southern creative born to marketing bombshell Jolie Ayn Yockey. She grew up - and continues to grow -  surrounded by a diverse cast of kickass friends, powerful women, and supportive family. Her passions include dogs, cake,  intersectional feminism, lgbtqia+ inclusivity, justice equality,  mental health advocacy, the Millennial experience, and the arts.

Kylie earned a B.A. in Creative Writing and Literature from Santa Fe University of Art and Design in  2017, specializing in fiction and poetry. She currently pursues a MFA in Writing from Spalding University. She is the poetry editor for Ink & Voices  and Blood Tree Literature online literary magazines, and she's edited for Glyph Magazine and The Louisville Review. For the past two years, she's also acted as  Social Media Manager and Digital Marketing Consultant for individuals, authors, and companies across the country. Her background also includes studio arts, fashion, and psychology.

Her work has been featured in print for School of the Art Institute of Chicago,  SITE Santa Fe, and Glyph Magazine, as well as digitally on Odyssey, Jackalope Magazine, Meow Meow Pow Pow, Gravitas, and is forthcoming in The Stray Branch, Night Music Journal, and Ordinary Madness. Her premier collection,  Aftereffects   (nov 2017), and photobook, Mushrooms (nov 2018), are  available on Lulu.



Kylie's debut collection, Aftereffects, explores cannibalism, love, sex, violence, myth, and power. Whether nature, magic, another person, or a feeling, these poems and stories showcase all the ways one can consume and be consumed. It particularly interrogates real and fictitious power dynamics of relationships in romance, the self, and the earth.
Available for Purchase HERE.

Photos by Julia Goldberg, from the book signing of Aftereffects and other SFUAD 2017 books. Fogelson Library, Santa Fe, NM. December 2017
Photo by Julia Goldberg, from the public reading of Aftereffects. Collected Works Bookstore, Santa Fe, NM. November 2017

GLYPH vol 30

Kylie's editorial debut, Glyph 2018, is a two-part anthology of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, and art from the creatives of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. This final issue of Glyph is the first to include visual arts as well as writing from not just current students, but alumni and transfers from sfuad and the school's previous iteration, College of Santa Fe. 
Download the Free Art Ebook HERE and Purchase the Book HERE.

Editorial Staff: Kylie Ayn Yockey, Brianna Neumann (Editor-in-Chief), Brandon Brown, and Madeleine Sardina. Photo by Julia Goldberg, from the Glyph Gala. May 2018
Editorial Staff and attending contributors: (top, from left) Kylie Ayn Yockey, Lexi Malone, Brianna Neumann, Brandon Brown, Madeleine Sardina, (bottom, from left) Melinda Freudenberger, Marina Woollven, Jacey Ellis, Bonnie Bee, Chelsea Napper, Ivy Stover, Andrew Koss, and Kelsey Moghadaspour. Photo by Julia Goldberg, from the Glyph Gala. May 2018
"Welcome" section photos by: (from left) Dee Rose, Lauren Eubanks, and Julia Goldberg